語学学習Language Study

言語・音声トレーニングセンターTraining Center for Foreign Languages and Diction






場所:上野校地 音楽学部 4 号館 2 階 4-201(教員室)
利用時間:月曜日~金曜日 10:00~17:00


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  • 日本人学生と留学生の交流授業2017春学期

Training Center for Foreign Languages and Diction

The Training Center for Foreign Languages and Diction offers a variety of classes and support programs for students to develop foreign language skills that are essential for global competence. Students at the university have free access to the educational resources provided by the center, for the study of various foreign languages.

The center offers language classes of English, French, German, and Italian. They are available to students in any of the university’s programs who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Education materials are available, even if the student is not taking a class at the center, by submitting an application form. While some materials are not allowed to be taken out of the center, they are available for use inside the center.

For more details, please inquire at:

The Training Center for Foreign Languages and Diction
2nd Floor, Faculty of Fine Arts Building 4, Ueno Campus(Faculty room)
Open on weekdays, from 10:00-17:00

*The opening hours may vary from day to day. Please check the calendar on the door of the faculty room.
*The center is closed during the university holidays (i.e. spring, summer, winter vacations).