【レポート】キャンパスツアー、オリエンテーション、留学生歓迎会(2023年度後期)[Report] Campus Tour, Orientation, and International Student Welcome Party (2023 Fall Term)

October 06, 2023


キャンパスツアーでは、図書館、芸術情報センター(通称:AMC)を見学した後、TAKI PLAZA3階のコミュニティサロンに移動し、留学生向けのオリエンテーションを行いました。オリエンテーションでは、グローバルサポートセンターが主催する日本語の授業や英語で学べる授業の説明、留学生向けのイベント、日本や藝大での生活に関するオリエンテーションが行われました。




On October 6, 2023, a campus tour and orientation for international students who enrolled in the second term were held at Tokyo University of the Arts Ueno Campus.

Students first visited the library and the Art Management Center (AMC) as part of the campus tour and participated in an orientation for international students that was conducted at the Community Salon on the 3rd floor of TAKI PLAZA. The orientation included explanations of Japanese language classes and courses available in English organiseed by the Global Support Center, cultural events for international students, and guidance on life in Japan and at the university.

On October 23, 2023, a welcome party for international students was also organised. After welcoming remarks from Director Imamura of the Global Support Center and President Hibino, an introduction to the “TURN Activity Support Program” was presented. This program which starts from this November and targets international students, aims to support projects and exhibitions addressing local issues in students’ home countries through art, which garnered much interest from international students.

This year, Global Support Center opened the welcome party to all students in the university. This was to facilitate further interaction between international and local students. As a result, there was participation from Japanese students across various disciplines, providing a valuable opportunity for mutual exchange.

(Global Support Center)