フランスからの贈り物A gift from France

November 27, 2015









On November 19, 2015, a ceremony was held at Tokyo University of the Arts’ Senior High School of Music to present a gift from Ms. Anne Gravoin, the wife of the French Prime Minister.

Ms. Gravoin was here a month before, on October 5, and the university has recently received a commemorative gift from her for every one of the students and the faculty members who were there to welcome her with instrumental performances on that occasion.
(The article on Madame Gravoin’s October 5 visit can be found here: https://global.geidai.ac.jp/e/reports/034/)

At the ceremony, Prof. Sawa, Dean of the Faculty of Music, acknowledged the students once again for their collaborative work to welcome Ms. Gravoin, noting that they had just got back from their performance trip from Taiwan the day before. He then handed a gift box to each student after reading the words of appreciation from her.

The students brightened their eyes with expectations and gratefulness, and burst into excitement to find a watch inside the box they each received. The watches came in four different colors, and some of the students started negotiations with others to trade their watches so that they could get the color they wanted.

report041-01Students unpacking their gift boxes

We are very grateful that we had the privilege to perform in front of the wife of the French Prime Minister, Madame Gravoin, who is a graduate of the Conservatoire de Paris and an excellent musician herself. On top of that, we are honored to have received such a wonderful gift from her and greatly appreciate her thoughtful gesture. As the watches tick by, the memories of this experience will be imprinted even more deeply on the minds of the students.

We hope that there will come a day when Ms. Gravoin will revisit our university or we will have a chance to pay a visit to her in France after years of more experience to give a polished performance in front of her again.