Global Home Coming ゲストの藝大体験記1 Rosaria IAZZETTA[My Experience at GEIDAI; Global Home Coming Guest 1] Rosaria IAZZETTA

March 17, 2017

Basic information Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration
基本情報 ①氏名、②現在の大学、③出身国・都市、④在籍期間・芸大留学時の所属

① Rosaria IAZZETTAロサリア・イアゼッタ
② The Academy of Fine Arts of Naples ナポリ芸術大学
③ Italy イタリア
④ 2002 – 2005・美術学部彫刻科 Sculpture

Rosaria studied at our sculpture department for three years. She now teaches sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples.

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination on that time?


I had visited Japan twice, before starting to study at Geidai. Then, I came to see Geidai’s sculpture department and was attracted very much. At that time, not only studying at Geidai, but also coming to study in Japan in general was not common for Italian students but I was very much moved when I actually saw Geidai during my stay in Japan. Later, I won the MEXT scholarship and made my wish come true.

What did you learn at Geidai?


For a while after I arrived in Japan, I couldn’t speak Japanese very well. I was struggling to understand technical terms such as names of machines and techniques used in the sculpture classroom. My classmates and friends were so kind that they carefully taught me. At Geidai, I learned the importance of being kind to other people, which have always been kept in my mind even after I returned to my home country.

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you at Geidai ?


Japanese students trust “organizations” such as Geidai. In Italy, administrative procedures at public organizations usually take time and, for this reason, students rarely trust universities that are so called” organizations”. Another impressive thing about Geidai is that rules are valued. The students follow directions by the faculty members and observe the rules set by the university without objections. Trust is the base of everything here. I was also impressed by the practice of cleaning after work. I remember so much that I was severely told off when I was late for cleaning of my department.

How is your experience at Geidai refelected on your current job?


Being a professor who teaches sculpture in Italy, my personal experience at Geidai means a great deal. I am teaching my current students the importance of “rules”, which I have mentioned earlier. The importance of being serious about my own artistic works and activities is another thing I learned at Geidai. I believe “seriousness” is very important for present students to continue their activities, and my personal experience is helping me a lot when I teach them about it.

Please write a message for students.


I wish Japanese students become more open to international students. International students who are new in Japan tend to feel lonely. When their command of the Japanese language is not so good, they will face the difficulty of expressing their feelings. Open-mindedness of Japanese students will help them to get out of such loneliness.
I suggest to international students that they should be more flexible to Japanese culture, which is foreign to them. What they get from studying in Japan is a lot but they will benefit more if they take a more flexible attitude.