Global Home Coming ゲストの藝大体験記4 陳秋荣[My Experience at GEIDAI; Global Home Coming Guest 4] Qiurong CHEN

April 06, 2017

Basic information Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration
基本情報 ①氏名、②現在の大学、③出身国・都市、④在籍期間・芸大留学時の所属

① Qiurong CHEN 陳秋荣
② Beijing City University北京城市学院
③ China 中国
④ 2007 – 2013美術研究科漆芸Urushi-Art

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination on that time?

I came to study at TUA with two objectives; to learn the culture of urushi lacquer and to take the educational methods back home.

What did you learn at Geidai?

I obtained various knowledge including the history of urushi in Asia and the techniques unique to Japan, which could be learnt only in Japan or at TUA. The Japanese urushi arts were and have always been excellent. I still believe that this uniqueness can be learnt only here, in Japan.

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you at Geidai ?

I was feeling my student life was tough. As an international student, I was struggling and feeling lonely too.

How is your experience at Geidai refelected on your current job?

It made me start to think how to the unique urushi culture of Japan to the urushi techniques possessed in China. How can China and Japan, which have different cultural backgrounds, mutually make use of each other’s urushi techniques? I have always been questioning myself on this.

Please write a message for students

This time’s visit brought back memories of my student life at TUA that I had many interactions with other students, both Japanese and international, and that I was having a fruitful time on campus. I hope this sort of relationship continues.