Global Home Coming ゲストの藝大体験記 6 宋璽德[My Experience at GEIDAI; Global Home Coming Guest 6]Hsi-Te Sung

April 28, 2017

Basic information Name, Department, Home country and city, Duration
基本情報 ①氏名、②現在の大学、③出身国・都市、④芸大留学時の所属

①Hsi-Te Sung 宋璽德
②National Taiwan University of Arts 台湾芸術大学
③Taiwan 台湾
④Graduate School of Fine Arts (Design) 美術研究科デザイン科

Why did you choose Geidai as your study abroad destination on that time?

Following the completion of a master’s degree at Saitama University, and when I was considering further study at the doctoral level, I decided to apply to TUA. Since I came to Japan, I had this idea in my mind that I should go to TUA if I were to study art in Japan.

What did you learn at Geidai?

While I learned many things such as knowledge, techniques, and other matters related to my specialty field, what I found most valuable was the “spirit and attitude” toward study and production of art. I also learned to have right recognition and make responsible decisions in learning. I was inspired by this idea, while I was watching my teachers at TUA who were strict with their students.

What are the things that impressed you or surprised you at Geidai ?

Before formally being admitted to TUA, which was just before the completion of my master’s program, I had visited the campus to see a review session for undergraduate design students. I still remember I was shocked at the quality and level of the discussion.

How is your experience at Geidai reflected on your current job?

At that time, I was affiliated to the design department, where I produced a number of works. I learned many specific methodologies to produce artistic works in Japan. However, as I mentioned earlier, what has been most influential on me up to now is the spirit and attitude in making or learning things. Now, as a teacher who deals with students, I regard it as a very important experience.

Please write a message for students.

I would like to forward a phrase in the speech made by the President at that time during my graduation ceremony, which is still my personal motto; don’t mention the name of “Geidai”, but demonstrate it with your hands.