Leベトナム文化スポーツ観光省局長一行の来学Visit by delegation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam

December 07, 2017

[:ja]11月27日、ベトナムよりLe Thi Thu Hien文化スポーツ観光省研修局長他が本学を訪問しました。本学からは、岡本美津子副学長(国際・ダイバーシティ推進担当)、青木宏憧准教授(美術学部)、植村幸生教授(音楽学部)が一行をお迎えしました。











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On November 27, 2017, a delegation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam (MoCST) headed by Mrs. Le Thi Thu Hien, Director General, Department of Training, visited Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai). The Vietnamese visitors were welcomed by Professor Mitsuko Okamoto, Vice President for international affairs and campus diversity, Associate Professor Kodo Aoki of the Faculty of Fine Arts, and Professor Yukio Uemura of the Faculty of Music.

Following her welcome remarks, Professor Okamoto introduced that Tokyo Geidai is the national university of arts with a 130-year history, comprised of two faculties and four graduate schools.

Vice President Okamoto welcomed the Vietnamese delegation

Director General Le provided the contest of the visit as follows; the government of Viet Nam plans to select talented individuals who are engaged in cultural or artistic activities and send them for training at overseas institutions. To this end, she wished to exchange opinions and seek the possibility of collaboration with Tokyo Geidai, which is one of the destination universities for the training plan.

Director General Le eagerly asked questions

When Director General Le asked about the characteristics of Tokyo Geidai, Associate Professor Aoki answered that the students are well taught in small-size classes, citing an example of the Urushi-Art program at the Department of Crafts, where six teaching members are allocated to a year group of six students.

Assoc. Prof. Aoki spoke about the Faculty of Fine Arts

Professor Uemura introduced that the Faculty of Music is the only arts university in Japan that teaches both Western and traditional Japanese music and that it offers a research-based musicology program. Professor Okamoto explained that the Graduate School of Film and New Media has the three departments of film production, new media, and animation. She added that the film production program is so successful as to produce a student who won a prize at the International Film Festival in Cannes.

Prof. Uemura spoke about the Faculty of Music

The Vietnamese delegation asked detailed questions such as when a new year starts for international students and how to apply to Tokyo Geidai as an international student. With the support of Associate Professor Aoki and Professor Uemura, who gave inputs on the actual situations of their faculties, Professor Okamoto carefully answered to each question from the guests.

As her last comments, Director General Le said that she was strongly willing to send talented Vietnamese students to Tokyo Geidai and expressed high expectations for support from Tokyo Geidai to the training plan. Professor Okamoto replied that the university would examine possibilities if the Vietnamese side provides a written proposal with more information. The both parties confirmed that they would continue to seek possibility for collaboration.

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