英国王立音楽院 ジョナサン・フリーマン=アトウッド学長へ名誉客員教授の称号を授与The title of Visiting Professor Emeritus granted to Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music

August 03, 2018


本学と英国王立音楽院は、1998年以来20年にわたり交友関係にあります。2015年に共同事業を拡充する交流協定を締結してからは、同院から年間2~3名の卓越教授を迎えて教育研究活動を実施しているほか、本学邦楽科教員の訪英、同院作曲科教授・学生の来日、2017 年度には音楽学部附属音楽高校が音楽院にて演奏会を開催、さらに2018年度には学生オーケストラの交流演奏会の実現など、交流は一層活発になっています。

授与式には、アトウッド学長、二コラ・マトン氏(Director of Artistic Planning)、フランチェスカ・ジョンソン氏(Concert & Orchestra Manager)が、本学からは澤和樹学長、迫昭嘉音楽学部長、堀雅博特任准教授、横田揺子特任准教授が出席し、澤学長からアトウッド学長へ証書が授与されました。その後、授与式に続いて行われた懇談では、和やかな雰囲気の中、近況や今後の交流について語り合われました。





今回の名誉客員教授の称号授与を通じ、本学と同院の協力関係をより強化することを確認した一行は、同日、本学奏楽堂にて開催された「英国王立音楽院&東京藝術大学 交流演奏会」へ向かわれました。




On June 27, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai) granted the title of Visiting Professor Emeritus to Professor Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Principal of the Royal Academy of Music.

Tokyo Geidai and the Royal Academy of Music have been partnered for 20 years since 1998. Since forming an exchange agreement in 2015 to expand the joint projects, the interaction between us has become even more active. For example, we conduct educational research activities through welcoming 2-3 distinguished professors every year from the Academy, send our faculty members of the traditional Japanese music department to the U.K., and host faculty members and students of the composition department at the Academy. Furthermore, a recital was held at the Academy by the Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music (Geiko) in 2017 as well as the joint recitals of the student orchestra in 2018.
With his great contributions to these achievements, it was decided that Principal Attwood would be granted the title of Visiting Professor Emeritus.

The award ceremony was attended by Principal Attwood, Ms. Nicola Mutton (Director of Artistic Planning), Ms. Francesca Johnson (Concert & Orchestra Manager) from the Academy and President Kazuki Sawa, Dean of the Faculty of Music Akiyoshi Sako, Project Associate Professors Masahiro Hori and Yoko Yokota from Tokyo Geidai, with the certificate awarded to Principal Attwood by President Sawa. In the informal chat following the award ceremony, they exchanged information on their schools’ current situations as well as plans for future collaborations in a relaxed environment.

The award ceremony

Informal chat following the award ceremony

After the chat, Ms. Shiori Imazeki, a first year doctoral student majoring in musicology at the Graduate School of Music who is planning to go to the Academy this year, was introduced by President Sawa to Principal Attwood. When Ms. Imazeki asked Principal Attwood about well-known British musicologists, he provided detailed explanations about several representative musicologists and deepened ties with our student.

Principal Attwood (left) and Ms. Imazeki (right)

The party, having confirmed that the collaborative relationship between the two schools would be strengthened even more through the granting of the title of Visiting Professor Emeritus, headed out to the “Royal Academy of Music and Tokyo University of the Arts Joint Recital” held at our school’s Sogakudo Concert Hall on the same day.

Upper row from left to right: Project Associate Prof. Hori, Ms. Mutton, Ms. Johnson, and Project Associate Prof. Yoko Yokota
Lower row from left to right in front: Dean of the Faculty of Music Sako, Principal Attwood, and President Sawa

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