2019年度 東京藝術大学国際交流会館の入居者と地域の方々との交流会Social Event for Residents of the International House and Local Community Members of Matsudo City 2019

December 23, 2019










On Saturday, December 21, 2019, to promote friendly relations, a social event was held for the residents of the International House, a dormitory of Tokyo University of the Arts, and for local community members of Matsudo.

The event was held at the Shin-Matsudo Civic Center, with residents and university staff working together to prepare. Guests of honor were from the Matsudo City International Association, community groups, and the International Exchange Association of Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where our Toride Campus is located.

After introducing the guests, an international student from Morocco, majoring in architectural studies at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, spoke on behalf of the residents, expressing gratitude to the residents of Matsudo city.

Following that, Ms. Mitsuko Okamoto, Director of the International House, made a toast in Moroccan in honor of the international student representatives, and then social interaction began. At first, the residents gathered mainly amongst themselves, but they began to interact with the guests after a while.

Guests played the Taisho Koto and performed a Japanese dance, with participants dancing in a circle, providing an opportunity for the students to experience Japanese culture which they are rarely exposed to.

After the meeting, many residents commented on how much fun they had.

To close the event, as representatives of the residents, a student from the Department of Music Environment Creation in the Faculty of Music sang an Italian song to the piano accompaniment of a student from the Department of Music Science in the Faculty of Music. Also, a couple from South Korea, studying in the Department of Music Culture and the Department of Composition in the Graduate School of Music, performed a piano duet. Everyone was attracted to their beautiful singing voice and the piano performance in perfect sync.

The event was a great success, with closing remarks by Eriko Ishida, Director of the Hall.

It is hoped that this event will deepen the relationship between the residents and the local community and help them to build a great relationship in the future.

(International Affairs Division)