新型コロナウイルス感染症への対応University Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

June 03, 2020

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  • 前期授業の対応等について(日本語英語)(2020年5月22日更新)

  1.  前期授業期間中(9月末まで)は、原則として遠隔授業を継続(全キャンパスは原則として入構禁止を継続)
  2.  ご用の方はメールにてお問い合わせください。お返事には時間がかかることがあります。






【神奈川県】特措法に基づく緊急事態措置に係る神奈川県実施方針<Google Translation Serviceによる翻訳>




【NHK WORLD-JAPAN】外国の言葉による災害・コロナの情報<20言語対応>
【NHK WORLD-JAPAN】CORONA VIRUS info in Multiple Language<18言語対応>




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This page provides information on the university’s response to the novel coronavirus and related resources from public organizations. Please check the latest information as the situation is changing daily.

Academic Matters

*Excerpt from the above link

  1. The classes will be offered online during the spring semester in principle (until end of September) and all campuses are kept closed. 
  2. Inquiries by email are acceptable, however it may take more time to respond than usual.

Financial Support for Students

For International Students


<Multilingual Sites and multilingual hotline for the novel coronavirus>

■If you want to know about the emergency measures taken by municipalities 
【Tokyo Metropolitan Government】Declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo (COVID-19)<English/Chinese/Korean>
【Kanagawa Pref.】Kanagawa Prefecture Implementation Policy on Emergency Measures <Google Translation Service>
【Chiba Pref.】A state of emergency was declared <English/Chinese/Korean/Others>
【Ibaraki Pref.】Information of COVID-19 for foreign residents<English>
*Ibaraki Pref. announced their measures although Ibaraki is not placed in the state of emergency.

■If you feel concerned about COVID-19
【Tokyo COVID-19 Information】If you feel concerned about COVID-19 <English/Chinese/Korean>

■Useful guidebook when you visit a hospital
【Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health】Guidebook for visiting a hospital<5 languages>

■If you want to consult on the phone
【AMDA Medical Information Center】New Coronavirus Multilingual Consultation Center<8 languages>
【Japan National Tourism Org.】Multilingual Visitor Hotline on the novel coronavirus<English/Chinese/Korean> 
【Tokyo Metropolitan Government】Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents<14 languages>PDF

■If you want to know other news related to the novel coronavirus
【NHK WORLD-JAPAN】 Multilingual EMERGENCY Updates<20 languages>
【NHK WORLD-JAPAN】CORONA VIRUS info in Multiple Language<18 languages>


For Students Studying Abroad

Health Care​

Related Information from the Japanese Government, NHK, and Other Public Organizations