講座Classes by the Global Support Center

単発講義|グローバルアーティストのためのリベラルアーツSingle-Lecture Series|Liberal Arts for Global Artist


・なぜ“リプレゼンテーション”が重要なのか メディアや文化における人種の表象から考える
・AIと芸術の未来 など


Artists working in global settings need the ability to examine diverse issues confronting contemporary society. This series offers lectures by experts dealing with ideas that are in the midst of transformations in global contexts. Held on an irregular basis.

Lecture topics planned for 2020 include:
・Representations of race in media and culture
・Diversification of Asian identity in the US
・Contributing to SDGs through art
・World refugee map in 2020
・Majority privilege in society today
・Japan’s immigrant culture in the 21st century
・AI and the future of art

Information about date/time and venue will be posted soon.