Japanese Language Education

The University offers Japanese language support for international students as follows.

Classes for the international students

○Japanese language class

※We will meet in person at the classroom (2nd floor, University Hall)
Contact the lecturer by email if you wish to join via online from Toride campus or Yokohama campus.

Introductory Japanese : 1:00-2:30 Mondays & Thursdays (2/week)
For international students who have started learning Japanese for the first time

Basic Japanese: 1:00-2:30 Tuesdays & 2:40-4:10 Thursdays (2/weeks)
For those who have studied Japanese for about 6 months and can carry a simple conversation

Intermediate Japanese A:10:40-12:10 Thursdays (1/week)
For those who are studying intermediate level Japanese and working on academic Japanese (focused on presentation)

Intermediate Japanese B : 10:40-12:10 Tuesdays  (1/week)
For those who are studying intermediate-advanced Japanese and working on academic Japanese (focused on writing)

・Classroom : 2nd floor of the University Hall (no.26 of the map)
・Project associate professor Eriko Ishida ishida.eriko@ms.geidai.ac.jp


○Japanese Society: 1:00-2:30 Fridays

To acquire a deeper knowledge of Japanese history and modern society,  in addition to developing Japanese writing skills (intermediate level Japanese required)

・Classroom : Music department campus #5-216
Professor Kazuhiro Sugimoto sugimoto@ms.geidai.ac.jp

Special programs

‘Learning Japanese through your research/practice ’
Presentation training program for graduate students (to be announced)

・Project associate professor Eriko Ishida ishida.eriko@ms.geidai.ac.jp

Japanese Language Consultation

Japanese language support is available to help your studies and daily life. As international students, you are welcome to talk to the instructor when you have a question or problem about Japanese language: for example when you need help to understand or write documents in Japanese, when you want to practice speaking for a presentation, when you need advice for your self-learning, and so on. 30 minutes per each appointment.
Consultation via e-mail is also available when you need support.

Some cases may not be accepted such as checking or proofreading your degree thesis or documents related to your entrance exam. Please get in contact first.

 Office hours (online) :by appointment
・Contact : Project associate professor Eriko Ishida ishida.eriko@ms.geidai.ac.jp

Japanese language learning provided by external institutions

〇Japanese e-leaning courses provided by the Japan Foundation