For Your Safety

Basic Concept

Your customs may be different from those of Japan. You should respect the laws and rules of Japan, the local municipalities of the area you live and Tokyo Geidai while you are studying in Tokyo Geidai.

Japan is a country with a lot of natural disasters such as typhoons, heavy rain and earthquakes; in particular, it is impossible to predict when and where an earthquake will occur. To keep damage from earthquakes at minimum level, it is important to acquire the necessary information like an evacuation site and to prepare for water and food.
It is also important to collect information from websites that share disaster information by multilingual language. (Ref: NHK WORLD-JAPAN “Multilingual EMERGENCY Updates)

Japan is said to be a safe country, but it is better to avoid walking alone in the downtown area late at night.

As traffic rules may also differ from yours, you should be careful not to get into a traffic accident. You had better keep the proverb “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” in your mind.

Stay Away from Criminal Activities

The following acts may be criminal and may result in fines.

  • To ride away with someone else’s bicycle, even if it seems abandoned.
  • To throw garbage in an undesignated place in an appropriate way.
  • To ride a bicycle after drinking, or while using an umbrella or talking on the mobile phone.
  • To purchase tickets such as concert or admission ticket to resell them to others.
  • To use copyrighted materials like an animation character for your homepage without permission.
  • To sell your mobile phone to others without notice to the mobile phone company,, or to buy one using another person’s name.
  • To use the commuter pass of your friend when you use train or bus
What you should keep in mind
  • A little looseness like “it is no problem”, “no one knows” and “everyone is doing” leads to crime. It ruins your artist career. It is too late to regret after committing a crime.
  • Do not spare money, do not be too stingy. When you think that you try to does something without paying money like using commuter pass of a friend, copying copyrighted software, your mind to save money let you commit a crime.
  • Be serious, seek for information. In some cases, you may be committing a crime without noticing it. Ignoring local and Tokyo Geidai rules is not a crime, but it can cause you to be misunderstood by others. So always be serious and try to acquire necessary information.

Emergency Numbers in Japan

  • Police: 110
  • Fire/Ambulance: 119

If you need a fire engine or ambulance due to a fire or sudden illness, please call the fire department “119”. Please call “110” for a crime or traffic accident.

Local Laws and Rules

Once you decide your residence, check the information and rules for living there on the website of the local government or on the published guidebooks for foreign residents. You can gain the information and rules to live there such as emergency response, various procedures to live, medical / health facilities, garbage disposal way and so on.

The Rules of Tokyo Geidai

Any act that makes someone feel uncomfortable or disadvantaged is considered harassment, regardless of the actor’s intent. All harassment on campus is strictly prohibited. Smoking is completely prohibited on all the campuses of Tokyo Geidai.
You can gain further important information by the Student Guidebook 2023.